Rod Wipers and Canned Wiper Seals

Used in hydraulic applications, rod wipers and canned wiper seals are used to eliminate contaminants such as moisture, dirt, and dust. Also known as rod scrappers, extruders or dust seals, our Nitrile rod wiper catalogs include:

 Rod wipers - press-in, metal encased wipers, metal clad wipers. Our rubber encased rod wiper, a press-in rubber encased wiper is also available, click for profile and description. WPB rod wipers are standard in Nitrile 90 and can also be ordered in other durometers and materials. Visit our online store for smaller pre-packaged qtys of our rod wipers. 

G-series heavy duty rod wipers - metal encased, abraision resistant Nirtrile 90, our premium DWI style wiper.

Other Nitrile canned wipers and wiper seals include:

DKB wiper seal - metal encased double lip wiper seal, Nitrile 70.

GA style canned wiper - metal O.D., Nitrile 70

GC style canned wiper, rubber covered O.D., Nitrile 70

DSI style wiper seals. 

We also manufacture PU and TPU wipers, contact us for additional info.